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Get the full flavour of Europe with train travel in 33 countries with the Eurail Global pass! Purchase your all-in-one Interrail Pass and travel as much as you want on London – An iconic city with oodles of charm, London is one for culture. If you are not from Europe, you should buy a Eurail pass. and would like to use an Interrail pass to go from Barcelona to London, then to Heidelberg.

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Here are a few things you'll want to consider before buying: · Your residency: A Eurail pass can only be used by non-European citizens/residents. · Your travel. Here's what families need to know about planning trips, purchasing tix, and enjoying the ride on the railways of Europe. Eurail Pass. Choi Eunyoung. Follow the link to our official partners, Eurail · Choose either a Global or One Country Pass and order it online · Enter your delivery address (UK and.

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Cheap train tickets in Europe ✓ Train travel in 20 countries ✓ E-tickets ✓ Rail map Europe ✓ All rail passes in Europe ✓ Online Deals ✓ Best Prices. Our Global Pass is perfect if you wish to add Great Britain to your longer itinerary, with the Eurostar offering excellent rail connections to France. The. Buy BritRail London Plus Pass → key details Extra tip: BritRail passes offer different deals for kids and youths than Eurail-brand passes.