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Producers. Producers and importers (hereafter called: producers) of electrical appliances and low-energy light bulbs (EEE) are legally obliged to register. A WEEE producer is an entity in a UE country that has a specific status according to the way it is constituted and its business relationship with suppliers. Instead, the WEEE Regulations require all producers of business equipment to join Pollution Control Authority (SFT) as the WEEE producer in Norway.

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The UK WEEE Regulations place a direct responsibility on Producers (i.e. manufacturers / importers / brand owners) such as Funktion One for placing items of. EEE producers · manufacture and sell Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) under your own brand · resell equipment produced by other suppliers under your own. Producer compliance schemes (PCS) arrange for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to be collected and treated, recycled or reused on behalf of.

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Dansk Producentansvar (DPA) - Danish Producer Responsibility The National Producer Registration Body Nationaal (W)EEE Register. WEEE regulations, recycling, and compliance can limit the amount of electrical/electronic tools ending up in Why should WEEE producers join Valpak? Every producer is responsible for taking care of electrical and electronic equipment, (EEE), and when its becomes waste, (WEEE), and treat it in an.