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Declarative Programming. Rule engines allow you to say "What to do" not "How to do it". The key advantage of this point is that using rules can make it easy. Gartner recently posed the question, “Are business rule engines obsolete?” Their report goes on to say that current Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS). Content-based routing based on message properties or inline XML via XPath. Some include additional, more advanced rule-based routing using a rules engine.

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Open Source Rule Engines in Java · Drools · Mandarax · JLisa · JEOPS - The Java Embedded Object Production System · Prova language · OpenRules · Open Lexicon. A rules engine is a tool for executing business rules. Business rules are composed of facts and conditional statements. Any “if-then” statement that appears in. Manage complex rules with groups of rules that break down complexity into individual rules that are used in combination. You can even add or remove rules based.

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Rules Engine - AKA Decision Engine, Decisioning Software, Management Software, Order Management. You can use a rules engine to help you prevent fraud. Rule engines can be easier to understand in some situations than normal computer code, even for software developers. They break each rule out into its own case. But rules are code too: their execution is supposed to produce a predictable output. Therefore interchange of rules relies on an execution engine shared by.